Movember Health

31 Oct

Maybe you’ve heard…maybe you havent. I didn’t until my husband announced he was growing a mustache (more specifically the horseshoe moustache). During the month of November, now coined Movember, each year men start sprouting a mustache in support of mens health. The goal is to raise awareness for cancers that are either specific to men or that have a high rate of affecting men, prostate and colon are a few.

So I think this is a good time to talk about the importance of fiber.

The benefits of fiber are numerous.

  • Helps maintain regularity
  • May help prevent certain types of cancers, specifically colon
  • Weight control, if fibrous foods replace fats and sweets.
  • Cardiovascular disease control, by excreting lipids like bile and cholesterol out of the body
  • Diabetes control by controlling blood glucose and insulin

Helpful tips to help include fiber in your diet:

  • Increase at a gradual rate to avoid gaseous side effects
  • Drink a lot of water to avoid constipation
  • Increase intake of raw and cooked fruits and veggies. Use juices sparingly for they have very little fiber.
  • Include nuts and seeds in salads and stir-fry. Do remember they are high in fat so use small portions.
  • Make bean tips for healthy snacks

Why not try…

100% whole wheat or seven grain bread   instead of   white, French, Italian, or rye

Oatmeal   instead of cream of wheat

Brown or wild rice   instead of white rice

Unpeeled raw & dried fruits   instead of fruit juices

Nuts and seeds   instead of chips and pretzels

High fiber cereals (fiber one, all-bran, kashi heart to heart)   instead of sugar cereals

Off the beaten path whole grains:

Amaranth- Sweet nutty flavor. High in Protein. Alternative to rice.

Barley- Hearty texture, mild flavor. Excellent in soups and stews.

Quinoa- Crunchy, mild taste. High in protein. Substitute for rice.

Bulgur- Whole wheat cracked into small granules. Served in salads like tabouli.

Ok- so you dont necessarily have to do the mustache (although it is fun), but I recommend focusing on incorporating a few additional grams of fiber into the diet.


One Response to “Movember Health”

  1. barbara raichlen November 9, 2012 at 2:32 pm #

    This is the most informative list I have read. You not only outline what not to eat but you give choices of what to eat. Most impressive. I am a fan! Basha

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