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Cocktails and All Things Liquid Part 2

8 May

How many calories in some of the most popular alcoholic drinks?

Gin or vodka and tonic =126

Dark rum and coke =142

Medium glass of white wine (175ml) =130

Medium glass of red wine (175ml) =120

Bottle of wine (white) =555

Bottle of wine (red) =510

5% Lager (pint) =240-50

Cider (pint) =180-250

Stout (pint) =210

Bitter/Ale =180-230

Liqueur (50ml) =100 -170

Brandy (50ml) =110

Whiskey (25ml) =55

Mixed drink (Ready to drink) (275ml bottle) =160-228

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little alcohol to the diet. The trick is realizing that liquid calories count and add up…fast. Some pints of beer have as many calores as a slice of pizza. Cut back a few calories during the day to make room for a drink or two.


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